Linda Pirri is recognized as a contemporary master of the ancient art form called “Serti”..hand painting on pure silk. Similar to Batik, this fine art technique was used in ancient cultures to create the silk screens, paintings and ceremonial kimonos you see in museums today. She begins with a pure white piece of the finest silk and stretches it as a painter does a canvas…but instead of paint, only the finest dyes and inks are used. Meticulously brush painted onto the silk, they provide brilliant color and unusual reflective qualities. Next, Linda mixes her “potions” of natural elements such as mineral salts, oils and water and works them into the wet painting, creating exquisite flows of color and pattern. painting

Weather conditions such as sun, temperature and moisture spontaneously affect each painting, adding greater dimension to the work. Linda has a strong and wonderful sense of color and composition. Her images are spontaneous, lyrical interpretations inspired by visual impressions and her wildly colorful dreams. In her joyful and expressive art, you will recognize places of fond memories, or a new places to escape to.

Linda works from her vivid memory and not from photos. There is no airbrushing; the soft effects are created only by manipulating and controlling of the dyes. The lines you see are called “resist” and are applied with a special needle tipped bottle. The colored or gold resist fluid penetrates the fine silk, dries and creates a barrier. The areas are then carefully hand painted to create the work of art. The silk is then rolled and steamed at high temperature to “set” the special DuPont dyes from France and bring them up to full lustre and color. Finally, the silk is re-stretched for archival preservation using acid free materials and then made ready for framing.

Original art prices range from $2400 to $8500. If you are interested in acquiring an original or would like more information, please contact the artist!